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Advanced Heat Transfer Equipment Engineering

Alstrom Heat Transfer Equipment is based on a proven design methodology. All products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship. Alstrom has earned its reputation for excellence in engineering and manufacturing across a wide range of sophisticated heat transfer products, setting us apart from our competitors. No matter which product and/or options you select you will receive a truly unique solution to address your specific needs whether they are HVAC, Industrial, Process or any other application.


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Heat Exchanger Fundamentals

Alstrom Energy Group is pleased to offer a new dynamic, “lunch-and-learn” program to qualified engineering firms.

Advanced Method of Heat Exchangers Optimization


ALSTROM method of Heat Exchangers Optimization is unique in the industry. It was developed by our Research and Development Department to include Computerized Thermal and Mechanical Modeling which ensure maximum performance efficiency. This scientific methodology facilitates the selection of the most suitable and effective heat exchangers within required performance and design specifications at minimum cost.

We present to you our unique, alternative engineering designs and manufacturing of heat transfer equipment. When you select a heat exchanger from a catalog of another manufacturer, you make a compromise between what you need and what is available. Alstrom Energy Group offers you the absolute best heat transfer equipment tailor made to your specification.

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ALSTROM is a US based ASME Certified Heat Transfer Equipment Design, Manufacture & Distribution Company.

For more than 75 years, we have been offering comprehensive highest quality & efficiency advanced heat transfer equipment & systems to many customers all over the world.

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